Thee Anchor is a 100% youth owned company that empowers youth business initiatives . The company started its operations in 2017 and aims to grow local brands. Our advertising offers a variety of services and aims to deliver highly quality work. We fuel our energy with creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and we are high believers in education, we make it our priority to educate our clients on how to create and maintain a reputable digital brand.

A digital integrated marketing and advertising agency.Our main focus is to advertise local brands , brands that tell a story, brands that have been circulating our local streets but not receiving the necessary attention,we intend on changing that in the eyes of the public.

We are focusing on giving our advertising campaigns a feel of our South African culture, how we walk, talk, what we eat and how we entertain ourselves .

The creative team is ready to bring new unique content to engage the public by bringing your brand to LIFE and most important, bringing the required sales to you.